Villa Enlargement & Newly Designed Kitchen - Living Area
Private Client; Geneva, Switzerland (40 sqm)

CLIENT BRIEF: The client wanted to incorporate an external patio area (30 sqm) into the Villa’s interior by fusing it with the existing separated kitchen, thereby converting it into a unified dining and cooking space. The existing kitchen lacked daylight and functionality, and needed to be modernized.
MY VISION: I looked to create a modern living and cooking space to give the sensation of being outside while being inside and, according to the season, could be used as an indoor or outdoor space. My approach was modern, ergonomic and functional using the latest materials in this newly designed space while maintaining harmony with the existing part of the Villa.
THE DESIGN: The result was a warm, vast, contemporary atmosphere matching the old part of the Villa. As a transition between the cooking and living environments, I chose to place an original “floating island " made of Jerusalem stone as a focal point.
CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: “It has been five years since our Villa Extension and we are still incredibly pleased with the look, feel and functionality of the space and how everything flows. The changes and enhancements that we love would make a long list! “

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