ESCADA Boutique
Stockholm, Sweden (500 sqm)
Position: Project Director for Thöner Design, Munich Germany

BACKGROUND: ESCADA is a global leader in the luxury high-end segment for ready-to-wear women’s clothing, accessories fragrances,watches, jewellery, eyewear and home ware.NK is a landmark exclusive department store, located in the center of Stockholm. Founded in 1902, NK is known for its unique architecture. In 1991 it was converted into a “shop in shop” - a new and innovative concept at the time, where a brand has its own branded presence within a department store, in this case NK.
CLIENT BRIEF: The brief was to integrate the ESCADA boutique as a “shop-in shop” in the newly renovated NK department store, and should add here to the visual guidelines of the corporate architecture and shop design. The new boutique should glow in its presence and give the adequate frame to the brand’s top fashion collections.
MY VISION: The challenge in this role was to work with two partners (ESCADA and NK) who were very protective of their respective brands. Attempting to integrate two distinct architectural styles, I was looking to create an interior architecture in a two-story space that would be in harmony with the NK architecture AND also highlight the design of the ESCADA boutique. In order to please both clients, I had to apply negotiating and persuasion skills that came into play at every turn.

THE DESIGN: The given space was 50% enlarged by building a mezzanine with a central staircase leading to the second floor. Free standing walls were put up in show window range to achieve more display surface and daylight. Decorative niches were built in the high walls above the displays. To maintain the integrity of the original NK structure, the two big show windows were integrated in the shop architecture and the building pillars were left with the original green stone.

THE OPENING: For the Grand Opening, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, honored the event by wearing her favorite brand. A known fan, she is often seen in ESCADA at royal weddings and events in Greece, Monaco and London.
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