Bathroom Design
Private Client; Old town Geneva, Switzerland
CLIENT BRIEF:The client asked for an entire renovation of three functionally different bathrooms in a historical well-appointed apartment. The brief was to integrate ergonomic functionality and equip the rooms with high-end design appliances using natural stones as wall tiles. The three bathrooms included a guest bathroom, the main bathroom with large bath (primarily used by the “lady in the house”, and a bathroom plus shower primarily used by the “man in the house”).

MY VISION: On top of technical and ergonomic improvements, I was looking to create a very elegant and same look and feel of the overall design, yet distinguish each space by giving it a specific feminine, masculine or neutral atmosphere. However, the same tiles would be used in all three bathrooms so the distinction had to play out in the color scheme.

THE DESIGN: The main bathroom space was remodeled by changing the wall, relocating its door and changing the place of certain functions. All three spaces received modeled quartz stones tiles, especially cut and modeled with a pattern. The color composition in each space determined its style and atmosphere according to my vision, of a feminine, masculine or neutral atmosphere.
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