Contemporary Villa Transformation
Geneva, Switzerland (320 sqm)
CLIENT BRIEF: The client required flexible multi-usage house to be adapted to needs that would change over time,and could be used as one whole unit or separated in two. To achieve this the house surface had to be doubled in size by adding a second floor and the ground floor layout optimized. The client wanted a contemporary energy saving house, keeping within a defined budget.

MY VISION: I imagined a cubic architectural volume with a flat roof. The house could be variably separated horizontally into different units. The existing ground floor space should be redefined and merged around a traversal chimney. This would give the interior space, through materials, colors and over all design details, a contemporary yet timeless esthetic look and feel.

THE DESIGN: The result is a contemporary villa with FOUR layout possibilities for future use,with a unique geothermic, solar and chimney heating combination. The new facades were given a cubic relief covered in a wood shell and white coating.  Additionally, large windows incorporated glass balustrades and a vegetated flat roof, topped with soil and herbs. The ground floor layout was entirely transformed. The living and kitchen space were merged around the central transversal chimney. All design details and finishing materials highlighted a contemporary style.
before   &   after
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