Villa Renovation
Private Client; Geneva, Switzerland (220 sqm)
CLIENT BRIEF: In a villa built at 1960, the client wished to preserve the villa initial design but modify the layout: The kitchen, dining and living area should be in one space, a bathroom should be created in the parents unite as well as an additional sleeping room. The exterior should be maintained as is.
MY VISION: I imagined an open cooking, dining and living space, with the existing wooden floor that benefits from the sunshine all day long. The over 25sqm sleeping room was divided and an additional access was created. A new bath room was integrated in the parent’s unit, My approach was to find ergonomic and functional layout solutions while strictly respecting the architectural and interior design codes of the house.

THE DESIGN: The large living spaces of the house were maintained while a warm classical stayle has been created to the space
CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: “The house reflects who we are ...“

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