THE BRAND: Valeur Absolue is a new and innovative brand offering feel good products, as multifaceted as women are today.
THE BRAND PERSONALITY: Smiling, friendly, innovative, contemporary, feminine.
THE PERFUME COLLECTION: At Valeur Absolue the art of belle parfumerie meets the science of neurocosmetics and aromachology, creating perfumes that literally make women smile.
One spray touches the skin, and stimulates the release of beta-endorphins, transporting the wearer to a joyful, more alive place. Each beautifully-layered, essential-oil rich scent is created to capture a specific mood.
The addition of carefully chosen precious minerals and the extract of the Immortelle Flower create a feeling of well-being that is not only emotional, but physical. This is why Valeur Absolue is so much more than perfume.
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